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On writing about SPD (interview with Nupur Chokshi of Uplifting Voices)

(June 2020)  Interview with Nupur Chokshi, author of Instant Inspiration: We Did It, So Can You!, and founder of Uplifting Voices, a global online community for empowering people with disabilities.  The topic is the impetus to write The Out-of-Sync Child in order to help families of children with SPD.

Click here to read the interview.

Is It ADHD or SPD?

(April 2022)  A further conversation with Veronica Hunter of ADHD-What Now?  focuses on how ADHD and SPD overlap and some ways we can tell them apart.   Knowing which one is affecting your child can help you get the right treatment. Click here to watch the video.

What Is SPD?

(April 2022) Chat with Veronica Hunter of ADHD – What Now?  Up to 40% of children with ADHD also have sensory processing differences.  ADHD and SPD are “look-alike” conditions, because of similar symptoms such as inattention and constant activity. Here are some tips for telling the difference.  Click here to watch the video.