(2020) In-Sync Activities to Get Kids Moving

In December, an online workshop in the “Connections” series sponsored by Growing Healthy Children Therapy Services in Rescue, California.  The talk features five activities from the In-Sync Child program webinars (developed with perceptual-motor therapist Joye Newman), with a “how-to” approach.

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(2020) Talking Sensory Processing — with Ilia K. Walsh

In October, an interview with Ilia K. Walsh, Executive Director of The Spectrum Strategy Group.  This one-hour podcast, Episode #33 in a series called, “Autism in Real Life,” focuses on sensory processing challenges and practical strategies to help those who have an autism spectrum diagnosis.

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(2020) The Out-of-Sync Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

In December, hosted by Ana Elisa Villalaz as part of The Global Autism Summit 2, this discussion concerns the sensory-motor cycle (sensations coming in and motor responses going out), the eight senses and their functions, the categories of SPD, and In-Sync activities to enjoy at home.

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(2020) Out-of-Sync to In-Sync Child: What You Should Know about SPD — with Brigitte Shipman

In November, an interview with Brigitte Shipman, BMV Life Coach and founder of the Mother’s Guide Through Autism Show.  The hour-long program covers Carol’s unexpected journey of becoming an SPD expert while teaching preschool, leading to her current focus on promoting In-Sync activities for all children.

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(2020) Sensory Processing: What It Is and What It Is Not — Interview with Heather Davis

In April, an interview with Heather Davis, whose program, Building Confident Kids, focuses on what it really takes to build the social and emotional skills that children need to become thriving adults.

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Enjoy the dividends of this one-time investment that will enrich you and your children, at school and at home, for years to come! 

Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman offer an in-depth look at their In-Sync Child approach and then join forces to provide activities and advice for creating engaging, easy-to-implement experiences that will develop and enhance your children’s physical, emotional, academic, and overall success.

In lively, accessible presentations, webinars #1-#4 explain the foundation blocks of early childhood development including its sensory, perpetual-motor, and visual underpinnings.  Use the information in the first four webinars to guide you as you implement and adapt the kid-friendly In-Sync Activities offered in Webinars #5-#10.

General Objectives of the 10-Part Package: 

1) Learn basic terms about the foundation blocks of early childhood growth:

       A) Sensory processing

       B) Perceptual-motor development

       C) Vision development

2) Learn about our eight senses and how young children process sensations.

3) Learn how good perceptual-motor development influences all future learning, in and out of the classroom.

4) Learn about the development of vision and its enormously important impact on the growing child.

5) Apply the information from the first four webinars to guide you as you learn how to incorporate In-Sync Child activities into your classroom.

6) Recognize how each In-Sync Child activity develops and enhances your students’ sensory, perceptual motor and vision development.

7) Use the concepts to develop your own In-Sync Child activities, giving your students experiences to last a lifetime!




Webinar #1: Introduction to the In-Sync Child approach 


1) Review how children develop in the same sequence but not at the same rate.

2) Learn basic terms about the foundation blocks of early childhood growth:

       A) Sensory processing

       B) Perceptual-motor development

       C) Vision development

3) Learn how gaps in basic skills may compromise a child’s full development.

4) Learn that fun and functional movement experiences are critical for developing and enhancing the whole child.

Course Description:

When you are In Sync, your movements are efficient and fluid.You feel comfortable in your body, and when you are comfortable in your body, you feel good.When you feel good, you function better.Everything works.Learn how sensory, perceptual motor, and vision development work together to help children get In Sync.


Webinar #2: Understanding Sensory Processing


1) Learn about our eight senses.

2) Learn how the developing child processes ordinary sensations by:  

       A) Modulating sensations, especially for self-protection

       B) Discriminating sensations, especially for learning

       C) Developing sensory-motor skills for participating in daily life

3) Gain understanding about sensory processing challenges.

4) Learn tips about supporting ALL children through enjoyable sensory experiences, particularly those involving touch and movement.

Course Description:

Sensory processing is the way the nervous system receives and organizes ordinary sensory messages and then manages the information to elicit appropriate responses in daily life.  About 16% of children struggle with sensory processing challenges that may interfere with their full participation in the occupation of childhood.  This course offers strategies for educators to use in the classroom and on the playground to develop and enhance all their students’ sensory processing.


Webinar #3: Understanding Perceptual-Motor Development


  1. Learn how good perceptual motor development influences all future learning, in and out of the classroom.
  2. Learn about the developmental pyramid.
  3. Understand the profound importance of creeping on hands and knees.
  4. Gain in-depth knowledge of eight of the most important perceptual motor skills, including midline crossing, laterality and body awareness, and how they impact your students’ learning.
  5. Discover tips on how to set up your classroom and other easy ways to develop and enhance your students’ perceptual motor development.
  6. Learn how to identify potential delays in the various areas of perceptual motor development of your students.

Course description: 

Children from birth to age six are developing the foundation for who they will become for the rest of their lives.  While we can teach them information, we cannot teach skills that they learn only by moving.  This course will explain the various areas of perpetual motor development and how each area affects the child’s overall growth.  Use this information to design activities and programs that develop and enhance your students’ perceptual motor development.


Webinar #4:  Understanding Vision


  1. Learn about the development of vision and its enormously important impact on the developing child. 
  2. Learn to recognize commonly overlooked problems and how to improve your students’ vision.
  3. Explore the differences between vision and sight.
  4. Looking at examples, discover first-hand the complexities and subtleties of our visual systems.
  5. Discover how to set up your classroom and other easy ways to develop and enhance your students’ vision development.

Course description:

In this lively and accessible presentation, discover the profound importance of vision, a frequently under-recognized area of development.  A well- functioning visual system is fundamental to a child’s success in and out of the classroom.  Learn about four of the most critical areas of vision and how they affect all of us.  Through optical illusions presented in this course, you will have the opportunity to play with your own vision.





Each of six upbeat webinars features a simple piece of inexpensive and easily available equipment (paper plates, masking tape, rope, stretchy things, shapes, and hoops).  Each webinar guides the viewer through four original In-Sync Activities for a total of 24 fun and functional movement experiences.  These inclusive activities appeal to children of all abilities and can take place in a classroom or playground setting.


1) Learn how to use inexpensive, readily available objects to create exciting, sensory-based movement activities

2) Recognize how each activity develops and enhances your students’ sensory, perceptual-motor and vision development.

3) Master the ability to modify or expand each activity for your specific group

4)  Understand the concepts involved in creating your own movement activities.

5) Develop the ability to use the activities as screening tools.

Webinar #5:   Paper Place Play
Webinar #6:   Masking Tape Play
Webinar #7:   Rope Play
Webinar #8:   Stretchy Things Play
Webinar #9:   Shapes Play
Webinar #10: Hoop Play
To purchase the webinars and earn continuing education credits in USA and Canada:
      1. Go to https://eceformula.com/
      2. Search: “In-Sync Child”
      3. Choose one or more “In-Sync Child Webinars” and start the fun!
To purchase the webinars with subtitles in Greek (no CEUs):
      2. Choose one or more “In-Sync Child Webinars” and start the fun!
The information above is about the unique In-Sync Child movement program, designed by Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman for all children. 
The information below primarily lists Carol’s discussions about helping children with Sensory Processing challenges.

(2020) Let’s Get In Sync! Fun & Functional Activities for Kids with ADHD & SPD

In June, an interview with Laurie Dupar (Nurse Practitioner, 20-year ADHD veteran, and founder of International ADHD Coach Training Center) at the 10th annual Succeed with ADHD Video Summit.  The 51-minute interview is one of 26 talks about specific topics on ADHD to help children and adults thrive.

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(2020) In-Sync Activities for Cooped-Up Kids with Sensory Challenges

In June, Future Horizons sponsored this 47-minute webinar about fun activities for children stuck indoors because of COVID-19 restrictions.

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(2020) Becoming a Best Seller, & Sensory Processing Processing — Interview with Sensory Friendly Solutions

In October, an interview with Matt George at Sensory Friendly Solutions.  This hour-long conversation is Episode #5 in a 10-part deep dive into the world of your senses, sensory sensitivity, and sensory overload.  Occupational therapist Christel Seeberger and the Sensory Friendly Solutions team selected this interview as one of three to be included in the Sensory Integration Education Virtual Autumn Conference in the United Kingdom.

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(2020) In-Sync Activities: Movement Experiences that Last a Lifetime

In June, at The STAR Institute’s Virtual Summit on “Sensory Processing in Autism,” Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman offered five In-Sync activities in a 47-minute webinar.

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