Sensory Challenges — Sponsored by Age of Light Innovations

Interview with Dr. Shelley James, director of Age of Light Innovations, about ways parents and teachers can help children whose development is adversely affected by excessive screen time and artificial lighting.  Carol's co-author of the "In-Sync Child" books, Joye Newman, will also be interviewed about perceptual-motor and visual development. (Exact date in September TBA.)

Interview with Dr. Shelley James — sponsored by Age of Light

Dr. Shelley James, of Age of Light Innovations, interviews Carol Kranowitz, Joye Newman, and other experts and scientists from around the world.  The free online interview series focuses on how lighting may be harming our children. Carol's focus is on sensory-motor activities to enhance healthy development and divert children from excessive time staring at electronic screens. 

The Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up — Sponsored by STAR Institute for Sensory Processing

A 45-minute presentation as part of the pre-symposium parent workshop days at the 2020 STAR Sensory Symposium.  The four-day livestream event, "Beyond the Surface: Reshaping Challenging Behaviors," for parents and professionals, will focus on underlying connections between challenging behaviors, sensory processing, regulation, and relationships. Click here.

Calming Sensory Activities for Kids — Sponsored by Parenting ADHD & Autism Summit

The entire Summit will run on-line October 19-22. Calming Sensory Activities for Kids (Carol Kranowitz, interviewed by Penny Williams) Modern brain science is proving the large role that sensory processing plays in human behavior. Not only is sensory experience the way we process our environment and what’s happening within us, but it is also a […]

(2020) Cooped-Up Kids with Sensory Challenges


Part of the Autism-in-Lockdown / COVID-19 Webinar Series for the Autism Society Inland Empire.  This series is geared for family members and professionals who are distance-learning with students with autism and developmental disabilities, preschool through 8th grade.

In-Sync Activities to Get Kids Moving

Sponsored by Growing Healthy Children Therapy Services in Rescue, California, in their "Connections" series.  Carol shares some simple, regulating, and fun movement activities with a few pieces of "beautiful junk" -- or no equipment at all -- to help you connect with your child at home or at school. Click here for the Z

Activities from the In-Sync Child Program

Carol offers several fun activities from the In-Sync Child program at the free online conference, "Raising Uniquely Wired Kids: Parenting with Peace, Connection and Confidence," sponsored by Whole Brain Gym.