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The Out-of-Sync Child

The Out-of-Sync Child

Introduction to The Out-Of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping With Sensory Processing Disorder, revised edition (Perigee, 2005)

For 25 years, I taught at St. Columba’s Nursery School in Washington, DC. Most preschoolers loved my classes involving music, movement, and dramatic play. Every day, small groups of three-, four-, and five-year-olds would come to my room to play, move, and learn. They happily pounded on drums and xylophones, sang and clapped, danced and twirled. They shook beanbags, manipulated puppets, and enacted fairy tales. They waved the parachute, played musical follow-the-leader games, and flowed through obstacle courses. They swooped like kites, stomped like elephants, and melted like snowmen. [more]



Out-of-Sync Title

The Out-of-sync Child Has Fun

Growing an In-Sync Child: Simple, Fun Activities to Help Every Child Develop, Learn and Grow

Perigee (2010)

Illustrated by Durell Godfrey

In-Sync Activity Cards: Simple Fun Activities to Help Children Develop, Learn and Grow

Sensory World (2012)

Illustrated by Durell Godfrey

Motor development is a crucial factor in a child’s physical, emotional, academic and overall success. Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman, Director of Kids Moving Company, co-authored this book that gives parents, teachers, and other professionals the tools to give every child a head start and a leg up. The In-Sync Program includes 60 adaptable and fun activities to enhance your child’s development, in just minutes a day. [more]
HOORAY! Mom’s Choice 2013 Gold Award winner for Educational Products!  These handy cards bring 50 more fun and flexible activities to help all kids grow, learn, and develop to the best of their abilities!  Divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced activities, each card tells you why and how the activity works, what you need for it, ways to make it more challenging, and what to look for. [more]