Past Event Sponsors

As of January 2023

Online Organizations

  • ADDitude magazine, with Lindsey Biel
  • ADHD -- What Now?, with Veronica Hunter
  • Age of Light, with Dr. Shelley James
  • Autism Parenting Secrets, with Cass and Len Arcuri
  • The Brain Possible, with Emily Abbott
  • Building Confident Kids, with Heather Davis
  • Decoding Behavior Summit, with Penny Williams
  • Global Autism Summit, with Ana Elisa Villalaz S.
  • Inspiration Matters, with Nupur Chokshi
  • Kidskintha Special Kids International Summit, with Devishobha
  • Learn Smarter: The Educational Therapist Podcast, with Rachel & Stephanie
  • LemonLime Adventures, with Dayna Abraham
  • Parenting ADHD & Autism, with Penny Williams
  • Play Therapy Community, with Jackie Flynn
  • Sensory Friendly Solutions, with Matt George, Christel Seeberger
  • Succeed with ADHD Telesummit (SWAT), with Laurie Dupar
  • Smart Course: Middle-Schoolers with ADHD, with Adrien Harrison
  • Spectrum Strategy Group, with Ilia K. Walsh
  • Third Annual Innovative Child Therapy Symposium, with Jackie Flynn
  • Upbility, with Joye Newman