Magazines and Publishers

Visit these informative websites to find support and learn about conferences and publications on many disorders and differences that affect children today.


ADDitude magazine
Strategies and support not only for ADHD and LD, but also for “look-alikes” such as SPD, via webinars, an e-magazine, blogs, events, etc., with contributions from authors including Carol Kranowitz

Autism Asperger’s Sensory Digest magazine
For parents and families, educators, caregivers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and diagnosticians specializing in autism; six issues yearly, featuring excerpts from new books on autism, original articles from specialists in the field, and regular columns by professionals, including Temple Grandin, Ellen Notbohm, Jennifer Cook O’Toole, Joanne Lara, Cara Koscinski, and Carol Kranowitz

Autism Parenting magazine
Up-to-date news and professional guidance for parents and their children on the subject of autism, including solutions for dealing with sensory issues, advice for handling transitions, and real-life stories from parents as well as adults with autism to inspire and bring hope

Exceptional Parent magazine
Guide to national organizations, associations, products and services to support parenting your child or young adult with a disability or special healthcare needs

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Future Horizons
Offering publications and conferences that address communication, social skills, behavior, sensory issues, and more

Sensory World (a division of Future Horizons)
The largest collection of sensory-related books and materials for your education and use by experts such as Carol Kranowitz, Britt Collins, and Dr. Temple Grandin

Publishers of digital materials for therapists, teachers and parents in five languages (English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, and French), including Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman's A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child and In-Sync Activity Cards

Western Psychological Services
Publisher of tests and books by A. Jean Ayres, Lucy Jane Miller, Anita Bundy, Diana Henry, Sarah Schoen, and other outstanding occupational therapists