The ABCs of Sensory Processing Differences

At the "Inspired Mom" Summit 2022, Carol will join 40+ experts to give you tools and strategies to become the best Mom you can be.  The topic is basic information about sensory processing differences (SPD).

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The Out-of-Sync Child: Understanding Sensory Processing Differences

An overview of Sensory Processing Differences (SPD) with suggestions for helping "out-of-sync" children and adolescents get "in sync."  This is one of 16 talks, streamed for free, at the Young Education International Forum: Whole Brain Development Support for Neurodiverse Group, in Hangzhou, China.  

The In-Sync Child in the 21st Century

Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman will present a live webinar as one of Therapro's free seminars.  Based on their "In-Sync Child" publications, the hour will include an overview of sensory-, perceptual-, and visual-motor development, with an offering of several In-Sync activities that develop and enhance physical and emotional health and academic success.

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