Moving through Sensory Struggles

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11th:  Interview with Jackie Flynn, host of the 3rd Innovative Child Therapy Symposium.  "Moving through Sensory Struggles" is in the Brain & Body sessions, along with Dr. Stephen Porges and other experts. Click here to attend the whole symposium for free during the week of February 7 - 11.  (If you wish, upgrade to hear the talks forever. Please use Carol's affiliate link to upgrade.)

How Sensory Responses Shape Behavior

Interview with Penny Williams, of Parenting Autism and ADHD, at the "Decoding Behavior Summit," a free, three-day, virtual conference.  The focus is on providing sensory-motor experiences to support kids with sensory processing disorder and differences.  Dozens of other experts explore topics including "What Behavior is Telling You," "Your Relationship with Your Child," "Strategies for Improved Behavior," and a special kick-off masterclass, "The Importance of a Sense of Safety" on Thursday evening, February 10th.

Carol's talk will be airing on Friday, February 11.  It will be available free for 24 hours, from 9:00 am, February 11th, until 9:00 am, Saturday, February 12th.
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Sensory Processing Differences

Rachel Kapp and Stephanie Pitts, educational therapists, interview Carol about Sensory Processing Differences (SPD) for an episode on their Learn Smarter Podcast.  

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The In-Sync Child: Fun and Functional Sensory-Motor Activities

Closing keynote talk about SPD and sensory-motor play, based on the "In-Sync Child" method, at the virtual conference sponsored by Ann Arbor Center for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Other speakers at the "Autism: Expanding Possibilities" event include Hedda Sharapin (of The Fred Rogers Center), Cheryl Rosen, and developmental pediatrician Richard Solomon, MD, The Center's Medical Director, creator of The PLAY Project and author of Autism: The Potential Within.  Details to come.

How to Help Your Child with SPD

(June 2022) The fourth conversation with Veronica Hunter of ADHD-What Now? is about respecting the feelings of children with sensory processing challenges and helping them incrementally to participate in their world.

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The ABCs of Sensory Processing Differences

At the "Inspired Mom" Summit 2022, Carol will join 40+ experts to give you tools and strategies to become the best Mom you can be.  The topic is basic information about sensory processing differences (SPD).

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Helping the Out-of-Sync Child Get IN-Sync

Keynote at the Sensory Integration Education (SIE) Annual Conference 2022, a virtual and free event entitled "From Sensation to Participation."  The hour-long keynote will focus on Carol's work over the years to educate teachers and parents to recognize, understand and learn to address the sensory needs of their children as they grow from tots to teens.

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