How Sensory Responses Shape Behavior

Interview with Penny Williams, of Parenting Autism and ADHD, at the "Decoding Behavior Summit," a free, virtual conference.  The focus is on providing sensory-motor experiences to support kids with sensory processing disorder and differences.  Dozens of other experts explore topics including "What Behavior is Telling You," "Your Relationship with Your Child," "Strategies for Improved Behavior," and a special kick-off masterclass, "The Importance of a Sense of Safety."

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Out-of-Sync Kids Have Fun!

Presentation about SPD and sensory-motor play at the virtual conference sponsored by Ann Arbor Center for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Richard Solomon, MD, a developmental pediatrician, creator of The PLAY Project, and author of Autism: The Potential Within, is the Center's Medical Director.