In-Sync Activities — Sponsored by STAR Institute

Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman, co-authors of Growing an In-Sync Child and The In-Sync Activity Card Book, will do a webinar focusing on sensory-motor, "In-Sync" activities that build relationships and honor the child's (or adult's) sensory systems.  The webinar is part of the STAR Institute for Sensory Processing's 2020 Virtual Summit on Sensory Processing in Autism.

Interview with Dr. Shelley James — sponsored by Age of Light

Dr. Shelley James, of Age of Light Innovations, interviews Carol Kranowitz, Joye Newman, and other experts and scientists from around the world.  The free online interview series focuses on how lighting may be harming our children. Carol's focus is on sensory-motor activities to enhance healthy development and divert children from excessive time staring at electronic screens.