(2020) Postcard Pals

Published April 23 at

Sending picture postcards helps children feel connected when we are all cooped up and coping with COVID-19.

(2020) Because of Jake

Published in February – April 2020 issue of Autism Asperger’s Sensory Digest

Because of having autism, Jake Cassell (2001 – 2019) was a sensational inventor, fixer, artist and musician.

(2020) Blue Toenails and Other Rituals

(2019) Daniel’s Xylophone

(2019) Speaking Positively to Children

Published on October 18 at

A parent or teacher’s affirmative responses can turn kids’ stumbles into great learning experiences.


(2019) Sensory “Quinks” for the New School Year

(2019) Rehearsals for Life