12 0 CD GKIS

(DVD) Getting Kids in Sync

Sensory Resources, 2002

Carol Kranowitz demonstrates many SAFE (Sensory-motor,Appropriate, Fun and Easy) activities on this 30-minute video, with the help of the preschool students of St. Columba’s Nursery School in Washington, DC.

The activities help children of differing abilities to develop their skills and integrate their senses. The activities are ideal to use at home or school.

Some of the music and movement activities included on the video are Paper Plate Dance, Plate Skate, Stretchy Bands, and T-Stools. Watching groups of children participating in the activities helps parents, teachers, and kids imitate and expand on the action when they try the activities. For those adults who appreciate written directions, the activities are described at length in The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun.

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