(DVD) Sensory Issues in Learning & Behavior

Future Horizons, 2009
(Updated and retitled version of the DVD, The Out-of-Sync Child)

In this 3-hour DVD of a live 2008 presentation, Carol Kranowitz offers sensory strategies and activities that are applauded not only in the United States but around the world. Carol discusses research in SPD and shares her 25 years of teaching experience. For every kind of sensory need, she has a story that illustrates how a child may behave. She suggests techniques that work (and some that don’t) and fun and functional activities that are sure to be a hit with your young child or student, no matter what his or her sensory needs are.

Carol discusses recent research in SPD by the world’s top investigators, the six types of SPD and how they can affect the daily lives of children, possible co-existing problems (e.g., visual, auditory, eating, sleeping, and emotional difficulties) and available treatment and therapy options.

Carol’s lively approach to sensory challenges makes this DVD informative and entertaining. Her dynamic presentation will have you out of your seat in no time!